Divan Magazine Interview

First of all we start with the members of the band, how did you find each others to create the band?

It’s a long, long story. In current line-up only Eve and me are founder members of Indukti. We both have been playing together since secondary school. Jasiek, our guitarist is my old fellow and he joined us, when our previous guitarist said ‘goodbye’. Thanks to Jasiek we met Wawrzyniec, when he’d returned to Poland after 15 years living in Canada. Andrzej joined us when we parted with our previous bassist. He played in friendly band called Ziemia (what means “The Earth” in Polish)

Tell us about the taste of music of every member, what genres of music do the members personally prefer?

Each of us is inspired by different kinds of music. On our list you can find Kobong, King Crimson, Ensiferum, Dimu Borgir, as well as Radiohead, Marillion or even Mussorgsky. I think it’s extremely difficult to find although one artist who would be liked by every member of Indukti.

The meaning of the band’s name Indukti is somehow vague to me, is it the same as ” Induction ”?

There is a legend about origin of the name, connected with Asian trippers sightseeing Warsaw. We believe that Indukti means ‘linen-press’ in some of Asian language. One crazy bass player says so.

We’re about to celebrate the 12th year of Indukti’s birth, 12 years and 2 albums, why so few?

There are many reasons. We are independent artists and we do what we want. We record our music for our money and work at the pace we like. Our art don’t bring a profits, so we do other things to earn a living. 4/5 of the band graduated from musical school, but only one of us earns as a professional musician, playing in symphonic orchestra.

How was Polish people attitude toward your artistic style? how about the global attitudes?

Many Polish people disbelieve when they learn Indukti is a Polish band. Many Polish people do know nothing about Indukti. Our music isn’t easy and pleasant so if you hear it in Polish radio it will be in time for the bats. But we meet many people who like our music. Some of them live in Iran.

How much do you pay attention to the fans? Do you think that thinking a lot about the fan’s requests will strengthen or weaken a band?

We aren’t band who satisfies cravings of audience and we don’t wonder what audience likes. Through the music we transmit our emotions and either you receive it or you not.

Let’s talk about the composing styles of the band, who always starts the main and primary ideas and projects of the album in the band?

Everything happens spontaneously and there is no leader between us. We create altogether developing ideas each of us and inspiring each other. Sometime interesting theme comes from improvisations in rehearsal room. When music is ready, we wonder what it brings to our minds, what emotion triggers off. Album projects also are brainstorm’s effect.

If you want to describe the genre of the band in your own words, what would you say then?

Labels, drawers – it’s good for journalists or people who sell music, who need reference points and can’t describe music in his own words. We don’t care if they classify us as progressive-metal or something like that. We don’t think we are progressive, metal or what do you want band. We express ourselves in way we feel. You can call it what do you want.

Tool and King Crimson are the main influences of your music, at first, comment on these bands and then explain the way they affected the band’s music.

There is more Crimsonsceptics than Crimsonphils in Indukti. The same applies to Tool. Our previous guitarist was a Tool’s fan. But he left in 2002, 2 years before we record our first album. It’s difficult for me to relate our music to other bands. Everyone in Indukti has its own fascinations, which often are mutually exclusive.

What could be noticed in both albums are the various instruments getting through the Metal ensemble , like Harp, Saz , Trumpet , Dulcimer and etc. Do you think that the distorted ensemble of Metal has this capability to accompany every sort of instruments?

Why not? Art can’t stand the limits. The rest is a matter of skills and imagination.

One of the main factors that distinguish your music is Playing with the Rhythm and Metric. What is your idea?

We just trying not to sleep during the concerts :)) Yes we love to play in different, interesting pulses – very natural for us. It is almost impossible for this band to play more than two minutes in “common” 4/4 or 3/4 rhythm… boring, not interesting, not challenging. That’s why we play in 7/8, 11/8 or 27/8 :) You play, and you feel that you doing something :)

In the band’s view, what are the aspects of a good Instrumental music?

There is no good or bad music. Everything is a matter of taste. There is only music you like or dislike. We like music we play.

Most of the band’s songs are instrumental, considering ” the lack of proper” vocals for Indukti, as you’ve mentioned on the website, what are the proper factors for an Indukti Vocal?

We are not sure we need a vocalist. Lyrics create some frames for listeners, suggests some context, message. We base on non-verbal transmission, leaving a space for listeners’ imagination. Even if we had a singer, he wouldn’t sing too much. In future, I think, we’ll invite guests, as so far.

Let’s go through the albums. When did exactly the first project , S.U.S.A.R , started?

I think it was the same moment when Indukti started. Indukti emerged from Vain, the band of musicians fascinated by King Crimson. Three of us from Vain, had joined with two other musicians and we started new project with new ideas. We wanted to create music that stimulate the imagination and to draw forth the exceptional experiences and unique emotions. It was a turning point and S.U.S.A.R was the result of it.

S.U.S.A.R was inspired by Metropolis, a movie directed by Fritz Lang made about 1927. How did this Expressionist movie inspired Indukti?

When we were working on S.U.S.A.R we watched Lang’s masterpiece reconstruction. We were impressed by the story, the way it had been told and the world created by Lang. I think, silent films creators had limited possibilities of expression. They told his stories using the images. Lack of literality had left space for interpretation, stimulated the imagination. Our imagination were also stimulated then.

Explain about the philosophy of choosing the name S.U.S.A.R for the album, as it is a medical term.

Yes, we took it from medical procedure, to name our estetics, sound, musical space. This title tells about the darkness, unspoken feelings, unuseful expressions. And positve emotions in the same time. Building by destruction.

How was the experience of cooperating with Maruisz Duda, the Riverside vocalist, in the first album?

Mariusz is a great musician. Even when he speaks you can hear music in it. We met him on Riverside show in Warsaw, it was our first time with this band. When he started to sing we just knew he had to sing on our album. And the work with Mariusz was just perfect. He, just by himself did exactly what we wanted him to do. There was total compact. Total understanding.

The Eastern music could vividly be heard in your albums, like using Saz in both albums. What do you think of the Oriental music?

Oriental music is very inspired for me. I love to listening Hindu and Vedic music, also Mongolians khoomi singers. Japanese music is fascinating. And as I’ve mentioned, we believe the name of our band is oriental •

The second album (IDMEN), is different in content compared to the first one, why using Homer’s Odyssey?

Idmen is a story about human struggling with destiny, faith, God, nature, himself, etcs. Odyssey is also story about human struggle. Word “Idmen” comes from siren song’s in XII book and means “we know” or “we have seen”. By the tunes we also tell what we have experienced.

IDMEN was much more powerful, there were the incredible rhythms and riffs and the drum has reached a unique complexity (especially in Sansara). What was the cause of all these changes?

Hard to say. We didn’t plan it. As usual the songs are effects of common work, interaction between us, expression our feelings, emotions.

Harp has helped the songs to get into a more imaginary imagination land (especially on Frender, Could inside… I , … Weak II ) why there was no harp in second album so?

You can never step in the same river twice.

Tusan Homichi Tuvota is based on a Hopi ( Indian tribes of North America) story I think, why did you use it? Was the content related to whole album?

We asked Nils to sing one or two songs on our album. We choose track, he choose lyrics – old Indian fairy tale, what he remembered from childhood. It is tale about struggling with mighty enemy but also with your own enemies – the fear and the weakness.

One of the band’s masterpieces is the song … And Who’s the God Now? Can you explain about the content and it’s composition? (especially the ending part of the song)

This is one of the oldest our songs, previously known as Mantra. Maciej Taff, great Polish metal singer, wrote the lyrics in which I hear distant echoes of the Biblical story of Cain and Abel, the struggle with God, the attempt to be like Him. At the end of the record session we lit a bonfire and celebrated shamanic rituals, so you can hear in the ending part ;)

There happened a strength Progressive Metal movement in Poland (by approximately the same style of Indukti like Riverside or Lunatic Souls), Have you ever tried to enter your own motherland Polish styles of music in to your songs?

This is very hard to do. Polish native styles are very interesting, unique, characteristic instruments, harmonics, there is a lot of trance and emotions in this music. We have some great bands like Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa trying to combine polish native folk music and the modern sounds. Really worth to try. Maybe someday we will try to implement native polish sounds to our music, but there must be very strong, good idea how to do this.

Covering is a common activity among the Metal bands, considering the specific genre of your music, have you ever tried to arrange and cover a song from other bands with your own style?

As Indukti, we are not interested in playing somebody else’s music. But one time we have played pop hit. It was rehearsal and we were interviewing a singer. He couldn’t manage with our songs, so we played something from his song book. Fellows from other groups, rehearsing at the same time, stared at us very strange after that :)

How are your touring and concert plans?

Now our drummer is touring over the World with Destruction, so it is hard to plan anything.

How much do you know about Iranian music? Do you know any especial Iranian band or musician?

In 2003 I spent my vacation time in Turkey. I felt in love with instrument called saz. I bought one in Antalya. It is kind of eastern lute, very similar to iranian setar or uyghur dutar (im not sure). Today in the internet age, without any problem we have the instant access to this beautiful sounds. Im not sure if they are iranian musicians, but I love to listen uyghur dutar master Abdurehim Heyit, Kemal Alacayir, Parisa Arsalani, Ali Ekber Cicek (old master, very intresting rhytmics). I have a friend from Iran, his facebook nickname is Yazi ArizoonaDream from Golestan, he sent me great recordings of his father playing dutar. Thank you Yazi, I love this sounds :) Additionally I love beautiful, hypnotic sounds of armenian duduk, especially in Djivan Gasparyan’s hands :)))

Are you familiar with Iranian traditional instruments (like Santur which is like Dulcimer heard on the Tusan Homichi Tuvota) and do you think that you can use any sort of these traditional instruments in your future albums?

On Idmen we used real santur and common dulcimer. Marta Maślanka can play both these instruments, and she has an original santur. On “And who’s the God now?!” We used Turkish saz which is similar to Iranian dutar or setar. We love oriental/eastern scales, music and instruments and their very unique and special atmosphere.

What are your plans for the future of the band?

To survive

Considering the difference between the two albums, what would be the next Indukti album?

We don’t know but I’m sure it would be different from both you know.

Let’s talk about Metal’s Nature. What was the best phrase that you’ve heard about Metal music?

Hard to say. Metal music has so many faces. The most important thing is that it is trying to express the real and pure emotions and additionally it is producing by humans hands, guitar strings, drums and wood sticks in a very natural way, not by synthesizers and computers. Metal/rock music is natural, true and emotional – everybody should like it ;)

Creativity is the main nutrition of nowadays music. What is your idea about the creativity in music and especially in Metal music?

One day my guitar idol told me: look for your music where nobody is searching, when you create the guitar riff, see what you feel when you playing it, think if this is all what you want to express… not? Play it backwards or make it again from the beginning – your emotions are the most important part of music.

Due to the informal and non academic atmosphere of Metal music, there is not an appropriate attention toward the ability of this genre, what is the solution?

In my opinion it is not important – just play what you want and try to express what you really feel. If you will be honest and true – people will follow you – this is my internal feeling. People doesn’t like to be cheated, they feel when you try to be something that you are not.

Metal is now a World Wide Movement, what is your prediction about the future of Metal Music?

I think it is great and bright for the same reasons. Every young man or woman is looking for the true in his or her live. There is no doubt that as long as it happens metal/rock music will not die.

And in the end Say a memorable sentence to all your Iranian fans so they can keep it in their mind forever.

Don’t stop in finding your own way in music, reach only for true and real things and emotions, keep rocking :)

And the epilogue…

Thanks for the time that you shared with us and all your fans in Iran, we hope the bests for Indukti’s future.

Thank you very much.